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 Euphoria MU :: SEASON 3 :: EXP 9999999x :: 200+ ONLINE PLAYERS

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Join date : 23.11.2011

ПисанеЗаглавие: Euphoria MU :: SEASON 3 :: EXP 9999999x :: 200+ ONLINE PLAYERS   Сря Ное 23, 2011 8:45 am

Euphoria MU

Why Euphoria MU?

- because our servers are hosted by professional hosting machines with a perfect internet connection, offering gaming without lag.
- because our server is 99.9% bug-free!
- because Euphoria MU never turns off! Our servers are online 24/7.
- because if u have problems or questions, you can always contact our team, which is always ready to help.
- because we know what YOU want!

Euphoria MU Offers:

- Season 3 Episode 1 Server – modified , 99% bug-free.

- Maximum Experience (99999x) – fast, easy and enjoyable development.

- Maxed Item Drop (99%) – the items are acquired easier then ever.

- A stable Anti-Hack System – Mu Guard™ blocks all the known hacks and issued programs. You can be sure, that all the players in the server are honest and do not use hacks.

- New Spells - 1 new spell for every character class. The special spells from Castle Siege are working everywhere.

- PC Point Shop™ - unique shop, which offers special boxes. You can buy items from there, using PC Points. More info - in “Information“ section.

- High Rates in the Chaos Machine – minimal fell chances in the machine.

- Perfect Shops – all items on our shops are EXCELLENT!

- Balanced PVP System - all the heroes in the game are now balanced.

- Huge Spots/Spawns – everybody can level and develop easily, no matter what class he is.

- Daily GM Events
– our team takes care of our players interests with interesting GM events.

- Automatic Drop Event
- most popular MU Online event now is fully automated.

- Kanturu Event – by killing bosses, you can acquire great items.

- Daily Cry Wolf Event – big competition, fun and excellent prizes.

- Monthly Castle Siege Event – a heavy, but glorious battle.

- Ancient Items – unique items from the new generation.

- Golden Archer™ - there you can registrate your collected Renas. Check Golden Archer ranking in Rankings section.

- Useful Commands - /restart (restart your character directly from the game), /pkclear (clear your PK status directly from the game) & etc.

- Pet System - summon your own Knight or Wizard with “/pet“ command.

- Map System - enjoy the pvp, non-pvp and pk-free gameplay in one sub-server.

- Grand Restart System – you can exchange your restarts for PC Points.

- Vote Reward System™ – you can earn free credits, while you vote for our server. Also check Voters ranking in Rankings section.

- Online Time Trade System™ – the more you stay online in game, the more credits you get.

- Мarriage System™ - traditional marriage is now fully automated. Check Married ranking in Rankings section.

- Web Shop – using our new Web Shop, you can buy perfect items, while helping the server.

How to connect?

1. Download our game client from Downloads section in our site.
2. Register your account from Register section in our site.
3. Extract the game client and start it from MU.exe.

24/7 Professional Support:

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our team. Just use the Contact form of our site ( or visit our community forum.

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Брой мнения : 2
Join date : 23.11.2011

ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Euphoria MU :: SEASON 3 :: EXP 9999999x :: 200+ ONLINE PLAYERS   Съб Дек 24, 2011 2:32 pm

Due to the upcoming holidays, we decided to make some holiday changes:

- the prices of all items in the PC point shop have a 50% discount.
- the automatic drop event will drop better and more useful items.
- the monsters from the golden dragon invasion are increased with 5 of each kind.
- you will receive 30% more credits for every SMS. More information in 'Donate' section.
- you will receive 40% more credits for every PayPal, Western Union and MoneyGram donation. More information in 'Donate' section.
- every exchanged hour in our online time trade system will bring you double credits.
- we will organize more Christmas events and we have prepared some grand tournaments. You will receive info about them soon enough.

The changes have been actualized and will be up until 10.1.12.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2012 Year!
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Euphoria MU :: SEASON 3 :: EXP 9999999x :: 200+ ONLINE PLAYERS
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