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 Aldarion MU HARD

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Брой мнения : 2
Join date : 10.12.2012

ПисанеЗаглавие: Aldarion MU HARD   Вто Дек 11, 2012 2:21 am

[size=13]GRAND OPENING 12.12.12 20:00

Server information

Version: 0.97+0.99
Experience: 70x
Drop: 50%
Bless Bug: Off
Points per level

DK/BM: 5 points
DW/SM: 5 points
ELF/ME: 5 points
MG: 7 points
Reset Information

Reset Level: 330 level
Max Level: 350 level
Max Reset: 50 reset
Zen per reset: 20.000.000 * reset
For example: reset#1 = 20milion zen
reset#2 = 40milion zen
reset#3 = 60milion zen
Points per reset: 350 points
Clear inventory: Yes
Clear skills: Yes
Clear stats: Yes
Jewel Success Rate

Jewel of Bless: 55%
Jewel of Bless + Luck: 80%
Jewel of Soul: 55%
Jewel of Soul + Luck: 80%
Jewel of Life: 60%
Chaos Machine Success Rate

Chaos Mix +10: 55%
Chaos Mix +11: 45%
2nd Wings: max 90%

BloodCastle: Every hour
DevilSquare: Every 2 hours

SkyEvent: Duration: 5min
Min level: 200

HappyHour: Duration: 30min
Bonus Exp: +20x
Bonus Drop: +10%

PartyBonus: Duration: 30min
Bonus Exp: +20%
Our Boss

Red Dragon: Location: A place of Exile
Coordinates: X:??? Y:???
Regen Time: 5 hours
Website Options

Stone Deposit: On
Rena Deposit: On
Zen Deposit: On
Withdraw Zen: On
Family: On
Change class: On
Get points: On

Added over 18 quest

Sky event settings:
Duration: 5minutes
Min. level to join the event: 200
Min players to start the event: 2
Allow PvP: Yes
Max players that can join the event: 15
Require items: Yes, Count: 2 Dinorant
*Reward: Box of kundun +1

Added spots in:
Stadium, Davias, Davias3, Losttower7, Atlans

Move system:
except normal comands: /move stadium and etc.
we added and /move: sta, lor, noria, dav, dav2, dav3, dav4, dun, dun2, dun3, atl, atl2, atl3, lt, lt2, lt3, lt4, lt5, lt6, lt7, tar, tar2, ica, ica2, exile

Ingame commands:
/post, /add[str, agi, vit,ene], /time, /exit, /marry [but disable /tracemarry], /buy, /sell, /online, /clearinventory, /vault [1 - 10]

Happy hour:
At: 00:10, 04:10, 08:10, 12:10, 16:10, 20:10

Party Bonus:
At: 01:10, 05:10, 09:10, 13:10, 17:10, 21:10

Sky Event: every 2 hours (like devil square)

*Changed reward from box of kundun

Website: Aldarion MU
Forum: Main Page - Forum - Aldarion MU
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