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 [IMP]Elder Mu Online 97d+customs, exp&drop: HIGH

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ПисанеЗаглавие: [IMP]Elder Mu Online 97d+customs, exp&drop: HIGH   Вто Май 27, 2014 1:56 pm

Elder Mu Online 97d+99i + force items
Website: Elder Mu Online 97d+99i
Exp: High
Drop: Hight
Bless Bug: On
Max level: 1000
Max reset: 999
Stats per level: 12/15

Reset system:
Reset level: 400
Only from game!!!
Reset from game: 10 credits + 5 000 bonus points
Reset Mode: Keep stats
Command: /reset

Grand Reset system:
Online from game!!!
Reset level: 1
Resets need: 200
Credits Reward: 10,000
Grand Reset Mode: Keep stats
Command: /grandreset

Jewel Success Rates:
Soul + Item with luck = 100%
Soul + Item without luck = 100%
Machine Success Rates:
+10 - 100%
+11 - 100%

Server Commands:
/reset - 400 level - 10 credits - 5,000 bonus stats
/grandreset - 200 resets - 10,000 credits
/evo - 150 level - update 2 lvl class /addstr
/buy - cost 20 credits
/sell - cost 20 credits
/post - global message
/exit - no wait 5 sec(force exit)
/pkclear - clear PK(need to swich character)
/time - time and date
Marry system
Marry Coordinates: Devias 209 16(husband) , 210 16(wife)
You can use:
/move wife (for wifes)
/move husband (for husbands)
Use /marry nickname, the other person must type /accept
Marry commands:

Sky Event Info:
(lorencia 127 144) or /move skyevent
Need level: 100
Need resets: 5
Min - Max Players: 2 - 20
Credits rewad: 1,000
Drop Event
Find Event
Trivia Events
Rank Events
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Golden Invasion

Move Commands:
/move stadium
/move lorencia
/move noria
/move davias
/move davias2
/move davias3
/move davias4
/move dungeon
/move dungeon2
/move dungeon3
/move atlans
/move atlans2
/move atlans3
/move losttower
/move losttower2
/move losttower3
/move losttower4
/move losttower5
/move losttower6
/move losttower7
/move tarkan
/move tarkan2
/move icarus
/move icarus2
/move quest (quest npc)
/move skyevent (sky event npc)
/move corestd (NEW TOWN!)
/move arenast (PVP)
/move forest
/move husband (for marry)
/move wife (for marry)
/move new1 (quest destination)
/move new2 (quest destination)

And much more information in our website: Elder Mu Online Season 3
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[IMP]Elder Mu Online 97d+customs, exp&drop: HIGH
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